Update: lite

21, April, 2007

My sincere apologies for the terrible gap in updates. I recently moved to London, and although the sea of Internet access is everywhere, I have somehow managed to settle within a sea of broadband tranquillity.

Apparently we’ll get Internet soon, but well, they’ve said that before.

  • Lesson 1: Don’t get Orange broadband.
  • Lesson 2: First learn lesson 1.

Blair: Delighted by Oscar Success (You’ll be happy to know)

26, February, 2007

Dame Helen + BlairIt is perhaps inevitable that following any showbiz announcement The Right Dishonourable Tony Blair MP will somehow manage to manoeuvre his grinning face into the picture, be that metaphorically, or sadly as happens all too often with Blair, physically as well.

I mention this because while reading the BBC’s Oscars report today, the writer of the piece lets us know that even though Blair hasn’t actually seen the film, The Queen, we (as a nation), need to know that he’s pleased that Helen Mirren won the Best Actress award because of it. His spokeswoman said:

“We’re delighted Helen’s fantastic performance was rewarded with a well-deserved Oscar and look forward to the film being shown on ITV in the autumn,”.

Of course perhaps I’m being a wee bit cynical, the relevance may come from the fact that he’s in the film, although that is as a character, not as an actor. One would therefore expect to hear a quote from Michael Sheen, the actor who played the part rather than Tony Blair himself? It is after all a ceremony dedicated to cinema, not (as a general rule) politicians. The fact that the Prime Minister is portrayed in none to sweet a light by the film seems no barrier to his blatant ingratiation either. The close association with Oscar success it would appear; is far too desirable an opportunity for him to pass up.

That, combined with the apparent ease with which journalists are able to extract pointless statements from Downing Street’s press office on, and lets face it, some broad winning a foreign award, is a poor indictment of where politics in this country currently resides. That it’s easier to ring up the Prime Minister for a statement on the Oscars than it is to find and talk to an actor is really quite depressing.

Compare and contrast the speed and ease with which we hear about our dear leader’s praising of Helen Mirren’s success with oscar than we did following the botched execution of Saddam Hussein last year. The silence from Blair in the week following the hanging of the ex-president was deafening. Unfortunately for the country we see this obsession with trivia all too often in the present government. New Labour has yet to grasp that people are sick to death with all the posing and celebrity obsession all too often exhibited by our political class. Blair and Brown please take note: Dispense with the comment and opinion where celebrity gossip is concerned. Trying to prove that you’re down with the kids is not going to get you anywhere any more, and it certainly won’t win any elections, and that goes for the Tories too.

Cameron Hits the Zeitgeist

20, February, 2007

Guardian Front Page 20/2/07I sensed a disturbance in the force this morning. It doesn’t happen too often, my powers are weak, but it came across loud and clear today, or perhaps I should say; over the last week. A similar thing happened after Black Wednesday for the Tories, and recent example would be Cameron after his conference speech, or even Jade Goody after the first reports came in of her racist rantings.

I of course refer to when the future seems to have been plotted, and chaos theory goes out the window.

Politically in the UK, I feel that point has been reached, and that the next election is now Cameron’s to lose. Brown seems to be permanently on the back foot across the media spectrum, from left to right, even The Guardian is putting the boot in.

A narrative is now being played out and I think, like Harry Potter, the final chapter has already been written. Of course Brown is going to come out fighting, he may even make some headway. However it seems to be more and more apparent that the media sees Brown as a wounded beast, and as we know, the press like nothing more than finishing off a lame duck.

Lets hope Cameron plays it cool, keeps up with what he’s doing, and that Brown becomes the next PM, he’s one of the best votewinners the Tories could muster.


15, February, 2007

Guido in Prison, noooo!I’m in London for a job interview at the moment being as I am, in full “get a job mode”. There will therefore be a bit of a dry spell on the Blogging front for a day or so, followed by intermittant interruptions for the short to medium term. I’ll try my best to get on, and write a few pieces in spite of all that’s happening.

I am however still following events closely and as such I offer my support to the Elvis Presley of Blogging, the great Guido Fawkes! His passion for getting at the corrupt bunch of miscreants currently running our country is legendary, and I applaud it. However it may yet may get him sent to the tower.

Typically however, he has come out fighting!

Vol.1: What Grinds my Political Gears Today?

13, February, 2007

What Grinds my Political Gears Today?I must apologise to my loyal reader (Hi Mum) for the lack of updates over the last two days. I’ve been working hard on some business, so here’s one of my new “grinds my gears” pieces.

1) The arrogance of so many left wing politicians and journalists over the downing street petition really grinds my gears. Hacks like Steve Richards talk down to the million+ people who signed the petition by saying that they either don’t understand i.e. you’re too stupid, or mis-informed i.e. too ignorant. If that weren’t bad enough idiot politicians rail against the very idea as it challenges their personal ambition. What they’re saying there is that we plebians shouldn’t be allowed to have a say past election day, we’ve had our chance, so shut the hell up!

The fact that over a million people have now signed this thing shows a real depth of feeling, and even allowing for a few zealots with multiple email addresses , those numbers are huge and need to be taken seriously.

2) You know what else grinds my gears? Public transport. If we had a half decent public transport system perhaps we wouldn’t need road charging as there would be an alternative? you know who to thank…All hail NuLab and John Prescott for 10 years of joined up thinking. Huzzah!

3) State funding of political parties really grinds my bloody gears. Has there ever been a worse idea? That it is supported by Cameron boggles the mind, why the hell does he support it? It is an entirely un-conservative proposition. If the ideals of less regulation, free trade, and survival of the fittest are to mean anything we should not be supporting state funding in any way.

Would the Labour party, a national party with huge support have done as well if Lloyd George had propped up the withering Liberals with public money? Maybe not, but the idea is still valid. Like failing French industry supported by the EU (an egregious system that inflicts much harm on third world producers), new political movements too would be crowded out by the establishment. It must be rejected, and I will certainly protest against this when the time comes!

Prolific pointless printing is positively passé

11, February, 2007

CannabisThe big story of the day indicates quite a sad state of affairs with regard to national newspaper journalism. When such a wide selection of Sunday papers, including quality “broadsheets” like the Sunday Times cannot find anything new or interesting to write about after a week of searching is tragic.

The Cameron drugs “scoop” today was simply presenting old news as some sort of new revelation, and the prominence it was given accross the spectrum is utterly absurd. Why was it on so many front pages? Even on a slow news days you’d think someone would find something worthier to write about than this? Shove the story on page 25 where it belongs with the headline “Book reprints old news about Cameron and we’re letting you know”

Non-stories like this one really damage the idea of journalistic integrity, and do the paper’s no favours whatsoever, and I say that as a newspaper enthusiast, not just as a biased Conservative party supporter. It simply illustrates how pointless buying a Sunday newspaper is.

I think it’s time the sunday rags gave themselves a day off for their own sake. They could use the extra time to have a good think, and (fingers crossed) filter out as much of the crap as they currently inflict on the general public of a Sunday as possible.

Friday Evening Trivia Corner

9, February, 2007

Seeing as it’s Friday and many of you are likely either bored, winding down or finished, but with no time to start anything new…fear not. Here’s something to while away that annoying half hour between 5 and half 5 while you’re waiting to get away.

First, an awesome video that makes no sense at all:

Secondly, a completely random flash game. It’s pretty good fun, if slightly out of date. Points for spotting the egregious rosette error.

Downing Street Fighter

Click to play.

Normal service will resume tomorrow.